​At arrival

Pay and Play – Whenever you feel (small groups)

When you arrive to the club house you have to pay. You fill out an envelope with your​information about numbers of players, and puts the money in the envelope, and you place the envelope in the payment box. There is also scoreboard, writing tools and general info in the club house – if you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Pre-booked groups – companies, family events, bachelorette parties, and so on (we recommend that you are around 15-20 persons)

When you arrive, we are ready to welcome you. ​We show you our facilities, find footballs and help you get your game started.

Public institutions and associations - schools , sports associations and s.o.

Please contact Filskov Kro for more information.

Virksomhedsnavn & CVR

Filskov Kro - Fodbold golf

CVR: 36590335

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Hjortlundvej 1D-E, Filskov
7200 Grindsted


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